"Coach Casey and myself greatly appreciate PitchAware for the outstanding and critical information that helped us win the Division I NCAA National Championship. Thank you!"

Pat Bailey
Oregon State University

Once we got our hands on the PitchAware charts, they were the only ones we used.

Todd Interdonato
Head Coach, Wofford College

Once we saw how accurate PitchAware was in a game, it was the only charts we used.

Ryan Gaines
Coordinator of Baseball Operations
University of Oklahoma

Your coaching staff’s Data Scientist

Let PitchAware analyze the data so you can spend your time coaching instead of pouring through charts and spreadsheets.

PitchAware compares millions of data points to continually identify strengths, weaknesses, trends and exploitable tendencies in every player's game regardless of skill level.

No more paralysis by analysis; Just the opposite. The more data PitchAware crunches, the more insight it can provide and the bigger your competitive advantage.

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